About Us

The First United Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, Massachusetts has been a vibrant faith community in the Inman Square neighborhood since the late 19th century.  We are called together from many different backgrounds and cultures with a common purpose to worship the triune God, grow in Christian maturity, and to go forth sharing the love and justice of Jesus Christ with the world around us.  

Our worship is expressed in contemporary, contemplative, traditional and global (especially African) forms, often all of these in a single service.  Our witness to the Gospel likewise takes many forms, as a community gathered and dispersed into the world in a multitude of vocations, generations and stations in life.  

We aim to seek the welfare of the city around us through longstanding traditions of hospitality to internationals, college and university students, seminarians, and the hungry and homeless, and also through new paths of missional engagement emerging as we seek to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.  We invite you to join us on this journey with Jesus!


The First United Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, MA is called by God to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to minister to the needs of our congregation and community, and to share the love and justice of Jesus Christ in our world. 


RULING ELDERS: Hall Jones, Doug Lauffenburger, Celia Tahsoh, Bev Shank, John Shue, Margaret Pickett

DEACONS: Val Boax, Alicia Jones, Sylvia Kotei, Jim Mier, Pat Shapiro, Betty Trembly, Andy Kasparian

STAFF: Rev. Virginia Coakley, Pastor/Teaching Elder; Felicia Brady-Lopez, Director of Music; Ken Ward, Custodian; Trudie Ward, Director of Little Folks Fellowship Nursery School