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There is metered street parking on Cambridge Street - no need to feed on Sundays!

There is metered street parking on Hampshire Street between Cambridge Street and Dickinson Street. If you continue northwest on Hampshire Street until it becomes Beacon Street, just past Dickinson Street, you will be in Somerville and the parking is not metered.

There is a metered parking lot on Springfield Street adjacent to the Ole Mexican Grill located at 11 Springfield St, Cambridge, MA 02139. The lot is a 2 minute walk from the church.

Please check the meters for the durations and times that they have to be fed.

Parking on any of the residential side streets such as Inman St., Antrim St., Fayette St., Maple St. and Highland St. requires a residential permit Monday through Saturday. Anyone can park on these streets Sundays.



Effective November 3rd, the Department of Traffic, Parking, and Transportation will restrict several left turn movements in Inman Square in order to improve the safe operation of this complex intersection.

The following turning movement prohibitions will go into effect on this date, and may or may not be reflected in your GPS map instructions:

- No left turn from Hampshire Street southbound (towards Kendall Square) to Cambridge Street eastbound.

- No left turn from Hampshire Street northbound (towards Somerville) to Cambridge Street westbound

- No left turn from Cambridge Street westbound to Antrim Street southbound.

In coming months, the Department will study the impacts of these changes on safety in Inman Square as well as evaluating the impacts on surrounding intersections and neighborhoods.

Variable message boards and advance warning signs will be in place to advise drivers of the change.

For more information on safety improvements in Inman Square, please visit our Inman Square Transportation Safety page.