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Our general objectives for each student are:

  • To discovery the environment through the use of a variety of materials

  • To stimulate the desire to learn

  • To further the development of critical thinking

  • To promote initiative

  • To promote independent work habits

  • To promote the use of basic physical, verbal and cognitive skills

  • To develop self-discipline

Reading Readiness

  • Grows in ability for verbal expression

  • Listens when others share their ideas

  • Comprehends stories that are read in class

  • Uses new vocabulary in conversation

  • Discriminates between sounds that are alike and different

  • Discriminates between things that are alike and different

  • Identifies letter names

Mathematics Readiness

  • Identifies number names

  • Counts objects

  • Identifies quantities that are alike and different

  • Identifies simple geometric shapes


  • Participates in exploring the environment and materials

  • Expresses observations

  • Expresses predictions

Bible Story and Prayer Time

  • Develops and awareness of who God is

  • Develops a positive self-image

Social Development

  • Able to share and play with others

  • Takes responsibility for own actions

  • Co-operates by listening to instructions

Large Motor Skills
•    Free Dance
•    Climbing
•    Crawling
•    Running
•    Balancing

Small Motor Skills
•    Simple tools
•    Pegboards
•    Construction toys
•    Finger songs and poems


  • Participates in using a variety of material to create art

  • Expresses own ideas and emotions

Music and Creative Movement

  • Participates freely in singing

  • Expresses her/himself through physical movement

  • Follows directions

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