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All we have is not our own but belongs to God, even our very breath and life, and our calling is to manage or "steward" these blessings in such a way that serves God's mission of reconciliation and restoration in this world God so loves.   Giving is one of the most tangible and important expressions of our worship and witness, a corporate spiritual discipline by which we live out our membership in the Body of Christ.  Giving is also a powerful means of growing in our faith and experiencing joy and freedom as we put more of our trust in God’s promises and faithfulness when it comes to how we relate to money.

Your financial contributions provide for dedicated leadership of the church’s worship and witness; they help make our church building an increasingly hospitable house of prayer for all nations; and they feed the hungry, provide shelter and beds for the homeless, and support missional engagement in countless other ways both here and abroad. Children are nurtured, young and old are formed in the faith, families are touched, and hurts are healed. 

Our prayer is that you are richly blessed by your participation in Cambridge Presbyterian and that you, in turn, will be a blessing to others as you give generously to support our common ministry and mission.


Simply place cash or checks in the offering plate when it is passed during the service. If you wish to receive acknowledgement of your gift for tax deduction purposes, be sure to include your name and address on your check or on the cash envelope (found in the pew rack in front of you). If you have a pledge envelope, enclose your cash or check in the envelope before placing it in the offering plate during the services.


Tithes and donations can be mailed in by sending it to:
First United Presbyterian Church
Attn: Financial Secretary
P.O. Box 398089
Cambridge, MA 02139

If you wish to receive acknowledgement of your gifts for tax deduction purposes, please:

  1. Use your assigned pledge envelope; OR

  2. An offering envelope in the pews with your name and address on the outside; OR

  3. Use a check with your name and address indicated.


To donate with a credit or debit card via PayPal, use the "donate" button below. A PayPal account is not required to donate in this way.  Please note that the amount we receive from credit/debit card transactions will be 2.2% lower than the gift amount specified due to online processing fees. 

To designate your donation for a specific fund (e.g. Deacon's Funds, Missions, Capital Campaign), please indicate the desired fund in the notes field within the Paypal form.

If you have any questions about online giving please contact Hall Jones, chair of the Stewardship and Finance Team,

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Many banks now provide online bill pay services for free or a nominal charge. (Please consult your bank's website or customer service department for fees and/or questions about their bill pay service(s).)  You may send a one-time gift or setup a monthly recurring tithe to be sent to the church.  All you need to do is set up the church as a payee, set the payment date, and designate the check amount.  Your bank will then send a check to the church on your behalf.  Of course this will be tax-deductible, as with any other offering.

Church name:
First United Presbyterian Church

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 398089
Cambridge, MA 02139


Many assets grow in value over time. Stocks, bonds, real estate and other property may have appreciated well beyond their original purchase prices and the sale of such assets may trigger capital gain taxes.  One solution is to donate all or part of such assets to the general fund—or to a designated fund—of Cambridge Presbyterian. By doing so, you directly benefit the ministry and mission of Cambridge Presbyterian and leave a legacy that can have a lasting impact for the cause of Christ.  Depending on your circumstances, you might enjoy a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the item donated and avoid paying the associated capital gains tax. If you are interested in making a gift of appreciated assets, discuss your wishes with your tax advisor, then contact Hall Jones, chair of the Stewardship and Finance Team, for further details,​


Sometimes donors find they have excess funds secured for their retirement. In such a case, a gift of assets in a retirement account (401k, 403b, IRA, etc.) to Cambridge Presbyterian may be just the way to go. Due to intricacies surrounding the tax treatment of such gifts, it is very important to coordinate this type of gift with your tax advisor.  If you are interested in donating retirement assets for the benefit of Cambridge Presbyterian, please contact Hall Jones,


Cambridge Presbyterian is committed to honoring God's provision through the exercise of wise and faithful stewardship. Each year the Stewardship and Finance Team sets up an independent financial review of the Church’s accounting records.

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