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Services at 10am on Sundays.

Online Service Information:

Sunday ZOOM Link  Password: 568914

Or Call:  312-626-6799  Meeting ID: 819 275 7661

This Week's Worship Materials:

This Week's Bulletin:  4/11 Bulletin 

This Week's Music: 4/11 *UPDATED* Music

Children's Bulletins: Ages 3+, Ages 7+

Online Giving Information

Instructions for On-line Worship

On-line worship may be accessed using the ZOOM application.  Click here to download instructions for installing the application.  Please let us know if you have any trouble with the installation, and we would be happy to provide technical support.

Alternatively, you may dial directly into to the service using a phone line to call 312-626-6799.  Enter Meeting ID 819 275 7661 when prompted. Please make sure your phone is muted.

Communion At Home

Communion elements may be received pre-packaged from the church or prepared at home.  Pre-packaged elements may be picked up at the church or delivered to your home. Please contact Pastor Ben to make arrangements.

Preparing BREAD at home

  • You may use any kind of bread you wish: e.g. Italian, white, matzah, or shortbread (avoid using chips, etc)

  • You may cut the bread ahead of time into bite-size portions, or break off a piece of a loaf when it comes time for communion.

  • Place it on a plate before the start of the service and make sure there is enough for everyone who is planning on participating in communion

Preparing JUICE at home

  • At home you may use grape juice or red wine. (Avoid purple juice drink or koolaids)

  • Before the service pour a small amount into a small glass(es) or wine glass(es).

  • Place the glass(es) on a table nearby prior to the beginning of the service.

  • You may wish to have just one glass with the juice in it and have those participating dip the bread into the single cup. In this scenario when we are eating the bread you would dip and eat your bread along with us on the screen, then wait patiently until we had finished with the cup as well.​


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